• Coronavirus

    Coronavirus Precautions

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  • Reimbursement conditions of Freestyle libre extended

    Now also available for people in The Netherlands living with type I and type II diabetes on intensive insulin therapy

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  • sondevoeding


    We deliver medical nutricion at prescription. All insurance companies reimburse medical nutricion by Mediq.

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  • A partner in healthcare

    We work with healthcare professionals, care facilities and GPs to guarantee patients have the daily care and services they require.

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  • Our mission

    Mediq is a trusted partner in healthcare, helping people to live their lives to the fullest potential.

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  • Proudly helping over a million people

    Our story is about more than only us. It is about the millions of people who deserve to live their lives to their full potential.

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  • Sleep apnea therapy that we deliver is reimbursed

    We care for your CPAP treatment and deliver the prescribed devices as hassle-free as possible

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Coronavirus Precautions

At Mediq, we do our utmost to keep the coronavirus (COVID19) at bay. With this, we focus on continuity of our healthcare support and deliveries of essential medical products, as well as the health and safety of our clients, staff and other relations.


  • Time that used to be consumed by nurses in supportive activities can now be used to increase the quality of lives of thousands of patients.

    Erika Pietilä (30), Key Account Manager

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  • It was such a great feeling being able to help this woman in her misery. For a moment I felt like Barack Obama when he said: Yes, we can!

    Marjolet Paul (51), Employee Customer Service

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  • Within Mediq there is room for personal development, good ideas and entrepreneurship.

    Peter de Regt, Commercial Manager Care Institutions 

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Mother of Benne and Hille

"Without Mediq Medisource, we would be spending half a day every week taking Benne and Hille to the hospitals to get their shots."

Read more about Bennie and Hille

Buyer at care institution Cordaan

"Incontinence products are delivered per client. This saves us valuable time that we can spend on providing care."

Mediq's solution at Cordaan

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