A virtual coach for everyday questions about incontinence care

Research by Mediq produced interesting insights. People with urinary and bowel incontinence struggle with all kinds of problems which negatively impact their overall day to day life. ‘I'm ashamed that I wet myself,’ said 80-year-old Piet. And he's not the only one. Many other people mentioned loss of confidence in doing daily chores. They find it hard to share these problems. ‘I thought that the occasional leak was one of those things. I had no idea that there were good solutions available,’ said Rina, who became increasingly isolated at the age of 68. Her GP and home care service did not appear to have satisfactory answers to her questions. Asking the care professional in the hospital... Well, that was a step too far.

Always there to help

Besides delivering incontinence supplies to peoples’ homes, Mediq offers 'Pien: a virtual nurse that answers everyday questions about incontinence issues. Exactly the low-threshold solution that people suffering incontinence need: a virtual coach which shows instruction videos about the use of materials, gives step-by-step plans and provides product information. Pien also advises on how to manage outside the home, removing anxiety about the consequences of involuntary urine loss. And if the programme fails to come up with a suitable answer to specific questions, there is a helpline: via a call-back request to one of the specialised nursing staff at Mediq.

Increased self-reliance

Pien has already helped many people. She gives personalised information, based on what the client has ordered from Mediq. As she only displays relevant content, no one needs to spend a long time searching. Everything is focused on promoting the patient's self-reliance in the home situation and improving knowledge about the subject, also in the contact with home care services and the GP. This way, Pien helps to facilitate the shift from the hospital to home care. The care professional in the hospital has fewer concerns about discharging the patient, knowing that Pien is available day and night to give advice and provide help.