Nutrition Denmark: A Case Study in Improving Healthcare Outcomes

At Mediq, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in everything we do. It impacts our stakeholders, patients, healthcare providers, insurers, vendors, and colleagues. In 2022, we made significant improvements in implementing our CSR strategy and strengthening our environmental and social impact.
As part of our effort to measure and evaluate our ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) performance, we utilize case studies to assess the outcomes of our initiatives. We are proud to publish the Nutrition Denmark case study, which focuses on evaluating the impact of our services on the quadruple aim: improved patient experience, better health outcomes, more satisfied staff experience, and lower cost of care. Malnutrition among patients in healthcare settings is a significant concern, leading to various health consequences and increased morbidity. By implementing nutrition plans, we aim to reduce the number of malnourished patients and minimize adverse treatment outcomes such as hospital readmissions. In response to this challenge, Mediq developed the Nutrition Denmark service, which focuses on providing comprehensive nutrition training to healthcare professionals and patients in their homes. Upon a patient's discharge from the hospital, Mediq collaborates closely with healthcare professionals in the municipalities to discuss the patient's nutrition plan and support requirements. Our goal is to ensure that patients receive all the necessary products, including medical nutrition and essential devices.

A fundamental aspect of the Nutrition Denmark service is the provision of education and training to healthcare professionals and patients, tailored to their specific homecare needs. To evaluate the impact of the Nutrition Denmark service on the quadruple aim, we conducted a voluntary survey among healthcare professionals and patients. The survey comprised nine questions that explored health outcomes, staff experience, patient experience, and the cost of care. The results of the case study yielded positive outcomes across all pillars of the quadruple aim.


Healthcare professionals reported that the Nutrition Denmark service contributes to improved health outcomes, reduced risk of therapy failure, and fewer readmissions related to malnutrition. They also expressed increased confidence, competence, and satisfaction in delivering nutrition therapy. Additionally, healthcare professionals highlighted an improved understanding of patients' support needs in relation to nutrition.


Patients indicated that the Nutrition Denmark service supports them in achieving their nutrition goals, enhances their quality of life, and fosters independence and confidence. However, some patients expressed a desire for more flexibility in adjusting their food intake schedules to accommodate their preferred activities.


Read Full Nutrition Denmark Case Study Here


Based on the initial results of the Nutrition Denmark case study, we can conclude that the service holds promise in achieving the objectives of the quadruple aim. Both healthcare professionals and patients reported positive impacts on health outcomes, patient experience, and staff experience. It is important to note that this study involved a limited number of participants, which may influence the strength of the results. Nonetheless, these results provide valuable insights and support the potential of the Nutrition Denmark service to make a meaningful contribution to healthcare.


As we move forward, Mediq remains dedicated to its mission of delivering the right and the most efficient outcomes to European healthcare by providing products, services, and solutions. We will continue developing solutions that help healthcare professionals provide better services and help patients live higher-quality lives.


Together, as Mediq, we can contribute to a healthier future.