ESG Strategy Mediq

Our Operations 

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ESG in Our Operations

We operate minimizing waste, use of packaging material, emission in transport, and energy use in buildings. Keeping circularity as our guiding principle. 

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Minimal waste generation

Minimal waste generation will be achieved by working together with suppliers to switch to minimal and recyclable tertiary packaging material. In parallel we will focus on waste separation and recycling by optimizing waste streams in line with local legislation and possibilities.

Our ambitions

2030: All inbound packaging material is recycled by us.

2050: Our operation is wasteless.


Minimal use of packaging material

Minimal use of packaging material will be achieved using recycled and recyclable packaging material, and by optimizing filling degree of cardboard boxes and carriers. Furthermore, we will explore feasibility of reusable packaging together with our customers.

Our ambitions

2030: Minimal use of packaging material by using modern technology and best practices. All materials used are made out of recycled material and are recyclable.

2050: Packaging material is fully circular.

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Minimal emission in transport

Minimal emission in transport will be achieved by working together with transport partners and carriers to explore and implement emission free yet economically feasibly transport solutions. In parallel we will collaborate with our customers and suppliers to optimize delivery frequencies.

Our ambitions

2030: All transport will be emission neutral.

Minimal energy use in buildings

Minimal energy use in buildings will be achieved by minimizing energy consumption in addition to use of self-generated and/or renewable energy.

Our ambitions

2030: All buildings are energy efficient and generate or procure renewable energy.

2050: Buildings are emission neutral.