Technical disruptions affecting Mediq's platforms in the Northern region

21 January 2024
We are happy to announce that our customer ordering and delivery functionality of our platforms in Norway, Sweden, and Finland has now been restored. As communicated earlier, the technical disruption to our services directly resulted from a ransomware attack on our third-party network hosting provider, Tietoevry.

Tietoevry has managed to restore the majority of our functionality and connectivity for the Mediq systems, and our dedicated IT, customer care and supply chain teams team have subsequently been able to resume operational functionality. 


We realize the inconvenience caused by this disruption. We are actively working to resume smooth operations, inbound and outbound.  We are committed to getting every order out as soon as possible and truly appreciate your understanding and patience during this period.


We want to thank our customers and suppliers for their patience, understanding and ongoing support in overcoming this unfortunate situation that we saw ourselves confronted with. 


The resilience and dedication of our teams throughout this period have been key in overcoming these challenges. We want to thank all our teams in Norway, Sweden, Finland and our IT staff for their tireless efforts in addressing this situation.