Mediq publishes CSR report

30 March 2021
Mediq has released its 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report. This report is available at It provides a high-level overview of the company's CSR-driven performance, milestones and best practices.

Five strategy pillars 

Mediq has placed social responsibility focus on the priority areas ‘Health system strengthening’ and ‘Patient empowerment and well-being’, which contribute to SDG 3 ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for people all at all ages’. This is where Mediq can make the biggest positive impact to build a sustainable future. Furthermore, Mediq’s CSR strategy builds on three supportive operational pillars which are Sustainable Supply Chain, environmental performance and employee engagement & well-being.

Making positive impact

“CSR initiatives are well embedded in Mediq’s culture, they are central standard to our brand and values”, Mediq CEO Christian Wojczewski says. “We want to make a difference by creating societal value for healthcare providers and patients. In 2020, we aligned as a group and built a foundation for our CSR agenda. This report highlights the examples of how we help delivering more personalized care and drive improved patient outcomes while simultaneously lowering the cost of delivering healthcare.”