Coronavirus precautions

At Mediq, we do our utmost to keep the coronavirus (COVID19) at bay. With this, we focus on continuity of our healthcare support and deliveries of essential medical products, as well as the health and safety of our clients, staff and other relations.

Our customer service gets all kinds of virus-related questions. If there is anything you would like to ask us, about our services or how we can help you, click the button below.

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Please don't worry about the delivery of your medical devices. Additional ordering is not necessary. Mediq is continuously taking measures because of the coronavirus. We keep our stock up to date and make sure that orders are delivered. Just like you are used to.

We are alert on the bottlenecks in the availability of personal protective equipment and have adjusted our stock policy. We maintain close contact with our manufacturers and inform our customers on the delivery times and availability of alternative products. We have suspended symposia and training courses and conduct meetings virtually whenever possible. We have also provided new guidelines to our healthcare professionals and service employees who support people at home or on location.

Corona continuity plan

Since February 28, we have issued internal protocols in line with government guidelines and information from the National Institute for Public Health. We cancelled employee travel and meetings, took hygiene and cleaning measures and introduced contactless greetings. We have asked employees to work from home wherever possible and to report sick and stay at home when they have a fever.

We continuously take measures to prevent essential activities from stopping. In order to ensure continuity of our product deliveries, healthcare support and services to our customers we have put a corona continuity plan in place. We continuously keep our employees updated on everything they need to take into account regarding patient care, customer contact, logistics and mobility. Clear agreements about responsibilities and contact points have been made for this. When new developments arise, we immediately adjust the plan where necessary and communicate about this.

House visits

The services of our customer service, sales and our fulfillment center remain intact. Our healthcare professionals and service employees also continue to operate in the same fashion. Before home visits, we do extra triage to limit the chance of corona infection. We plan visits to people in risk groups at the end of the day, with adequate personal protective equipment. In patients who are in quarantine at home because of Covid-19, we first consult with the patient’s GP whether treatment should be continued or not.

Together with you, we do everything we can to maintain our health and availability. To this end, we will continue to take all necessary measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

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