ESG Strategy Mediq

Our Services

ESG in Our Services

We provide services and solutions to our customers to enrich the quality of life of patients and people working in healthcare and support the sustainability transition in healthcare. 

Enrich quality of life

Enrich quality of life will be achieved by services and solutions focusing on health system strengthening and patient empowerment and well-being.

Our ambitions

  • Strengthen the health system by offering services that free up valuable time and resources for people working in healthcare.
  • Empower patients by enabling them to take responsibility for their own treatment and well-being.

Support the sustainability transition

Support the sustainability transition will be achieved by offering advisory services focusing on assortment transition towards more sustainable disposables and reusable.

Our ambitions

  • Offer advisory services supporting customers with expert knowledge on more sustainable alternatives.
  • Offer solutions facilitating procedures crucial towards circularity in healthcare.