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Care to Care selection

At Mediq, we are passionate about offering more sustainable alternatives without compromising quality or performance. Our Care to Care selection showcases products from our own Mediq Own Brands (MOB) portfolio, as well as those from our trusted partners who share our commitment in transparency and accountability. To be included in the Care to Care selection, products must: have an ecolabel, be made out of recycled or biobased material; be biodegradable or reusable; or resource use must be reduced at production. 

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We ensure ethical production and minimal environmental impact

We deliver products with minimal environmental impact – keeping circularity as our guiding principle - that are ethically produced.

Minimal environmental impact

Minimal environmental impact will be achieved by growing our Care to Care selection: an assortment assembled keeping the circularity framework as the guiding principle. In parallel, recycled, and recyclable primary and secondary packaging material will be achieved by working together with suppliers.

Our ambitions

2024: All newly introduced products in the nursing and facility category will fulfil selection criteria of the care to care selection.

2024: Introduce offset and circular investment program for own brand products that are not included in the care to care selection.

2025: By working together with our suppliers primary and secondary packaging material will be replaced by recycled and recyclable materials.

2026: The existing assortment on plastic accessories, nursing and personal protection equipment will be replaced* by products fulfilling the care to care selection criteria.

2030: Our products are marked as lower environmental impact* and reusable will become strategic focus, including services and solutions.

2050: Products are maximum circular* and unavoidable emissions will be offset.
*unless impossible due to medical reasons or market unavailability.

Ethically produced

Ethical production will be governed into our growing responsible sourcing program consisting of an awarding phase (screening), contracting phase (supplier code of conduct), supplier assessments phase (self-assessment or audit), and- when required - corrective action planning (Following a Plan Do Check Act Cycle).

Our Ambitions

2025: All contracted suppliers have a code of conduct in place.

2027: All contracted Private Label suppliers will be audited every other three years. Non Private Label suppliers will be audited based on the outcome of a yearly risk assessment.

2030: Ethical sourcing is fully anchored in our supply base and everything we do. We deliver on a rich pipeline of sustainability initiatives with our suppliers.