ESG Strategy Mediq

Our ESG Approach

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We are commited to ESG

Our approach to managing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focus areas aims to manage ESG priorities effectively and find opportunities that help our business strategy and create value for many stakeholders, ultimately contributing to the sustainable transition in the healthcare industry. We believe that helping society and generating long-term business value go hand in hand.

Mediq ESG Strategy

Our ESG Strategy

Mediq’s ESG strategy is a comprehensive and ambitious approach. This enhanced strategy now encapsulates our entire value chain—from the production phase of our products to their eventual disposal by end-users. While developing the new ESG strategy, we've examined the positive and negative environmental and social footprints we leave behind. Now, our strategy is structured around four key pillars: our products, our services, our operations, and our people. In addition, we aligned our strategy pillars with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals.