• Exclusive distribution

    For our suppliers we operate as an exclusive sales, marketing, customer service and logistics partner. Mediq offers access to a large selection of national markets.

Mediq Medeco (NL)

Hospitals quickly order medical supplies with MedBIS, also for e.g. residents of healthcare institutions. 

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Medeco BV (NL)

Manufacturer of medical devices in different categories under the own brands of Mediq. 

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Mediq Danmark

A one-stop shop for patients at home, as well as hospitals, GP’s, care institutions and industry with a wide range of health care products.

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Mediq Eesti

Delivers medical devices directly to patients, care institutions and laboratories. And it imports and sells medical aids and equipment.

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Mediq Suomi

A partner for healthcare and laboratory professionals, delivering healthcare equipment, supplies and services.

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Mediq Direkt Diabetes (DE)

Specialized distributor and service provider for Diabetes-related diseases in Germany.

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Mediq Latvia

Range consists mainly of healthcare disposables for hospitals, nursing homes, GPs and research institutes.

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Mediq Lithuania

Mediq Lithuania is a supplier of medical instruments and disposables and laboratory equipment.

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Mediq Norway

Supplier of healthcare supplies, including medical disposables and first-aid products. And supplies fully-equipped field hospitals.

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Mediq Sverige

A one stop shop for GPs, care Institutions, Hospitals and patients at home. Offers a wide range of health care products and supplies.

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Mediq Suisse

Active in: incontinence, wound care, nursing and facility products, diabetes and fall prevention.

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