• Wound care

    Optimum treatment accelerates the healing of wounds. We work closely with both hospital and residential care homes under the supervision of the attending specialist. Our specialist nurses provide residential care support for people with complicated wounds that do not heal within three weeks.

Mediq CombiCare (NL)

Specialist in continence care, whether it involves draining urine, i.a. with a catheter, or absorbing urine, i.a. with continence pad inserts.

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Mediq Direkt Diabetes (DE)

Specialized distributor and service provider for Diabetes-related diseases in Germany.

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Mediq Deutschland

Helps over 25,000 patients at home. And supplies medical aids & devices and provides products for a.o. nutrition, ostomy and wound care.

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Mediq Norway

Supplier of healthcare supplies, including medical disposables and first-aid products. And supplies fully-equipped field hospitals.

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Mediq Danmark

A one-stop shop for patients at home, as well as hospitals, GP’s, care institutions and industry with a wide range of health care products.

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Mediq Eesti

Delivers medical devices directly to patients, care institutions and laboratories. And it imports and sells medical aids and equipment.

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Mediq Suisse

Active in: incontinence, wound care, nursing and facility products, diabetes and fall prevention.

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Mediq Hungary

Mediq Hungary helps people in homecare situations, especially those who need wound care.

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