• Ostomy

    Customization and quality are crucial, to ensure that you can live your life as fully as you are used to. In addition to a wide product range that provides a solution for your specific situation, our seamstresses make customized bandages. Everything you need is provided, so you hardly notice that you are wearing a stoma. 

Mediq CombiCare (NL)

Specialist in continence care, whether it involves draining urine, i.a. with a catheter, or absorbing urine, i.a. with continence pad inserts.

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Mediq Norway

Supplier of healthcare supplies, including medical disposables and first-aid products. And supplies fully-equipped field hospitals.

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Mediq Deutschland

Helps over 25,000 patients at home. And supplies medical aids & devices and provides products for a.o. nutrition, ostomy and wound care.

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Mediq Danmark

A one-stop shop for patients at home, as well as hospitals, GP’s, care institutions and industry with a wide range of health care products.

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