Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

You can help us and other patients a lot by sticking to your regular order pattern and by ordering via the website. This will reduce the pressure on our telephone system. For online orders, please visit:

You can place your orders via our prescriber portals. If you do not yet have a login, click on ‘Register as user’ on the prescriber portal login page. You should then complete the registration form, after which you will receive an e-mail with your login details.

wis.mediq.nl/ wounds, incontinence and ostomy care



extranet.tefa.nl/ infusion therapy and respiratory care

For login details for the Mediq Tefa extranet, click on ‘Request extranet access’ on

huisarts.mediq.nl/ to order diabetes medical aids

We are in touch with our transporters about the impact of the coronavirus on their capacity. These include PostNL, Jan de Rijk and Omega. They will continue to deliver post and parcels in the same way as you are used to. Extra measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus. The delivery men and women will avoid physical contact as much as possible, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters at all times. For PostNL deliveries the parcels will no longer be handed over directly. Instead, the delivery man or woman will ring the doorbell and place the parcel on the ground. He or she will then step back and wait at a safe distance for you to take receipt of the parcel. If it is raining, the delivery man or woman will keep hold of the parcel and ask you to step back, before placing the parcel inside so it is protected from rain. Also, the PostNL delivery persons will sign for receipt after receiving the recipient’s permission. The aim of this is to minimise contact between people. They will ask the recipient for the final 3 numbers of their identity card and will note this down in the signature field. You can stay informed of the current situation via www.postnl.nl/corona. Please keep an eye on this website.

Our customer service, sales staff and fulfillment center are fully operational. Our healthcare professionals and service employees also continue to work as normal. For home visits, we have implemented extra triage procedures to limit the risk of corona infection. Visits to people in risk groups are planned at the end of the day, and with adequate personal protective equipment. When visiting patients who are in quarantine because of Covid-19, we contact the treating physician to consult about the treatment continuation.

We announced internal protocols on 28 February, in line with government guidelines and RIVM information. We have cancelled travel and meetings, taken hygiene and cleaning measures and introduced a ‘no-touch greeting’. On 16 March we asked our employees to start working from home where possible and have taken measures for those teams that are crucial for contact with healthcare professionals and patients. To continue to be able to answer questions and orders from healthcare professionals and patients, our customer service personnel are spread across and within our locations and have been provided with the tools they need to enable a large proportion of them to work from home. Our healthcare professionals, warehouse, service and sales staff will continue to do their work to help patients. Your and their health and safety are our highest priority. We have provided them with protective equipment and remain in close contact with them. All other colleagues are working from home.

Our fulfilment center is fully operational. We are maintaining close contact with manufacturers and our delivery companies. However, global demand may possibly lead to shortages in our range of personal protective equipment. We are in close contact with our current suppliers or manufacturers to purchase additional supplies and are looking for alternative products.

It is not necessary to order extra products. Please continue to order your regular order quantities and with your normal order frequency. We have agreed with all other market parties that we will not supply extra quantities without a practitioner’s authorisation. We will make sure that we retain sufficient stock and are currently able to supply all customers with what they need. You can help us by placing your normal orders in time and by ordering via the website. We will inform you should there be any changes to this situation.

The virus cannot be transferred by products or via post or parcels. The RIVM statement about this is as follows: ‘Coronaviruses spread via people and animals. They do not survive well outside the body. Certainly not on cardboard, packaging material or other items. Other coronaviruses do not spread in this way and we have no reason to expect that this new coronavirus (COVID-19) is any different.’

The additional precautionary measures we have taken may result in longer waiting times. We will do our utmost to ensure that our service to you continues as normally as possible. You can help us a lot in this by placing your orders via the website as far as possible and only calling customer services for urgent issues.

You can stay informed of the current situation via www.mediq.nl/coronavirus. Please keep an eye on our site.

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