Working areas

The IT organization is an international one that supports Mediq across all countries. 

As an IT professional, you are the conductor: an indispensible link between the business units, the Mediq process managers and the suppliers. In partnership with colleagues and external parties, you ensure that all systems are configured and work optimally, and you work on innovative and creative solutions. Important systems within Mediq include SAP, IBM Infosphere, Cognos, Oracle CRM and Sitecore for our e-health solutions.

In order to keep all our processes on the right track, many different experts are needed. Examples of positions are:
-    Business analyst/solution manager
-    Application manager/solution expert
-    Service desk operative
-    System manager
-    Telecom and network specialist
-    Security manager

Mediq is an interesting place to work for marketeers. At Mediq we aim to optimally meet customer needs. 

We do so with the Mediq concept for our pharmacists and consumers, but also with our service provision to independent customers, hospitals and care institutions. Within the field of marketing you will develop the tools our pharmacies and operating companies need in order to be able to function in a customer-focused manner. Examples are external communication tools, private label products, narrowcasting and internet. You will also be involved in developing all aspects of the Mediq formula.

Examples of positions in this field:
• Marketeer
• Formula management employee
• Communication manager
• Business analyst
• Product specialist
• Category manager

In order to have the right medicines and medical devices available at the right locations when they are needed, Mediq has a major logistical apparatus. You can work for us in various large distribution centers. 

These are new, modern facilities that use advanced technology; they are nice places to work. And you bear a big responsibility, because in our company - which is active in healthcare - satisfied customers come first. 

Our distribution centers are also appealing to logistics professionals. As a logistics professional, you will be involved in fundamental innovation, in ICT and beyond. We have a large number of varied projects. Within those projects we continually seek a dialogue between the various international Mediq Business Units. Mediq's international growth also means new challenges related to ICT. There is a pleasant, no-nonsense working atmosphere with plenty of scope for employees' own input/initiative. 

Examples of positions in this field:
• System developers and managers
• ICT managers/project managers
• Distribution centre employees
• Group leaders
• Logistics project managers

Within Mediq there are various specialist companies that focus on supplying equipment and medicines directly to customers in residential care situations.

In order to ensure that users get maximum benefit from our products, we have a separate customer care team. As a nurse, you will be working for us in a varied, independent role into which you can invest all your empathy and communication skills. You will be providing explanation and advice, either in people's homes or over the phone. With the support you provide, you will be ensuring that end users and residential care workers are using our products properly. 

Examples of positions in this field:
• Nurse (diabetes, stoma, and other specialisms)
• Customer services employee at one of the residential care companies (direct contact with customers) or, for example, at the wholesaler (contact with pharmacists)
• Product specialist
• Dietician

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