Utrecht, September 16, 2015

German authorities have approved Mediq’s acquisition of Reininger, a leading homecare supplier in the Frankfurt area. The acquisition supports Mediq’s buy & build strategy and strengthens Mediq’s direct-to-patient position in Germany.

Reininger offers a broad range of medical devices and associated care directly to patients, elderly and nursing homes in the field of ostomy, enteral nutrition, wound care, incontinence and tracheostomy. Reininger’s product portfolio seamlessly fits Mediq’s care offering in Germany. The company has facilities in Frankfurt and Kassel and has approximately 210 employees. In 2014 Reininger generated sales of € 21 million.

Mediq announced the acquisition in a press release on 2 July 2015. Both parties have agreed not to disclose financial details of the transaction. 

Utrecht, August 03, 2015

International healthcare player Mediq has appointed Vincent Weijers as Executive Vice President Benelux and France. Vincent Weijers joins the Executive Committee of Mediq.

Vincent Weijers has worked at Unilever for the past 22 years. In his last role he was Vice President Supply Chain Management Benelux. Prior to that he hold several management positions. Vincent Weijers has extensive international experience. Besides in the Netherlands, Vincent has also lived and worked in Germany, Portugal and Switzerland. 

Vincent Weijers is 45 years and holds the Dutch nationality.

Utrecht, July 02, 2015

International healthcare player Mediq has acquired the majority in Reininger, a leading homecare supplier in the Frankfurt area. The acquisition supports Mediq’s buy & build strategy and strengthens Mediq’s direct-to-patient position in Germany.

Reininger offers a broad range of medical devices and associated care directly to patients, elderly and nursing homes in the field of ostomy, enteral nutrition, wound care, incontinence and tracheostomy. Reininger’s product portfolio seamlessly fits Mediq’s care offering in Germany. The company has facilities in Frankfurt and Kassel and has approximately 210 employees. In 2014 Reininger generated sales of € 21 million.

Arthur de Bok, CEO Mediq: “I’d like to warmly welcome our new colleagues. We’re very pleased as Reininger has a strong presence in the Frankfurt region and strengthens our  footprint in the German market. The acquisition supports Mediq’s buy & build strategy to accelerate our international growth ambitions. We look forward to further developing Reininger together.” 

Guido Reininger, founder of Reininger AG adds: “The combination of the two companies is a perfect fit and an opportunity to leverage our complementary product portfolios. Reininger will be integrated with assist, a Mediq business unit and a well respected German national player in the homecare market ensuring our customers can continue to rely on the delivery of medical services to their door. Together we will continue our efforts to deliver more affordable healthcare solutions."

Both parties have agreed not to disclose financial details of the transaction. The transaction is subject to normal approval processes, including from the competition authorities.

Utrecht, July 01, 2015

Mediq has appointed Alex Jonker as its Executive Vice President Supply Chain. Jonker will succeed Tony Webster, who will continue to focus on Supply Chain Management projects within Mediq.

In his last role, Alex Jonker was Supply Chain and E-commerce Director and a member of the board of directors at HEMA. Jonker has spent the majority of his career at HEMA and has over 20 years' experience in retail Supply Chain Management on a European scale. 

Alex Jonker is 42 years old and holds the Dutch nationality.

Utrecht, June 23, 2015

Sint Maartenskliniek and Mediq Medeco conclude agreement.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions can make substantial savings on the cost of medical devices. Sint Maartenskliniek and Mediq Medeco are entering into an agreement that will see smarter purchasing help Sint Maartenskliniek save approximately 20% on the costs of medical devices and disposables. Mediq Medeco works as a partner to the care sector, advising care institutions on how to optimize the purchasing process whilst maintaining quality and reliability.

Sint Maartenskliniek is a leading specialist hospital for the treatment of conditions relating to posture and movement. Dr. Mark Van Houdenhoven, Chairman of the Administrative Council of Sint Maartenskliniek: "Our goal is to maintain the existing level of quality but using a smaller, more effectively tailored range of devices. That should generate savings in the hundreds of thousands. We also anticipate lower administrative costs and fewer peaks in terms of demand for the supply of goods to the hospital."

Hospitals use thousands of different medical devices and disposables every year, including surgical masks, surgical gloves, bandages and a variety of products related to hygiene. To give an example, Sint Maartenskliniek uses approximately 650,000 pairs of a specific type of medical glove every year. Healthcare institutions can generate substantial savings by making smarter purchasing decisions. 

Mediq Medeco and purchasing organization Zorgservice XL have optimized the purchasing process for Haga Ziekenhuis (The Hague), Sint Fransiscus Gasthuis (Rotterdam), Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis (Delft), IJsselland Ziekenhuis (Capelle aan den IJssel) and Vlietland Ziekenhuis (Schiedam). Since beginning a strategic collaboration with Mediq Medeco in relation to medical devices and disposables, these hospitals have reduced the number of suppliers they deal with from 80 to just one preferred supplier, namely Mediq Medeco. The range of different products purchased has been reduced from 3600 to 2400. The end result is annual savings of around two million euro.

As a supplier of medical devices, Mediq Medeco is a strategic partner for hospitals and care institutions. Ronald Hoozemans, Director: "Working in collaboration with a group of experts from Sint Maartenskliniek, Mediq Medeco drew up a plan that covered patient care, product choice, quality, supply management and financial considerations. Why do hospitals need various types of scrubs, surgical masks and medical gloves? We talked about all those things. Ultimately, what we do is ensure that the doctors and nursing staff have the appropriate equipment in the required quantities to perform their specialized work in the best possible way." Mediq Medeco forms part of Mediq, working together with care professionals around the world to improve initiatives and efficiency within the care sector.

Utrecht, April 13, 2015

For the first time, GPs can now perform diagnostic tests in the convenience of their office or their patient's home using the VISIQ handheld ultrasound system

GPs can now fit a fully-fledged ultrasound system into their doctor's bag alongside their stethoscope and take it with them when visiting a patient for an examination requiring medical imaging. Philips and Medisch Service Nederland (MSN)—part of Mediq—today announced that they are the first companies to launch a tablet ultrasound system on the Dutch market. This is a small, flat and therefore extremely portable device that provides high-quality medical images, enabling GPs to perform diagnostic scans in their practice as well as on location and thus provide patients with more targeted treatment or refer them to a specialist. 

GPs can use the tablet ultrasound system to examine their patient's abdominal area, enabling them to establish whether the patient's abdominal discomfort is for example due to kidney stones, gallstones or liver abnormalities, or rule these out and reassure them that it is nothing serious. GPs and midwives—who will also be able to access the system—can also use the tablet to perform scans during pregnancy. People will soon be able to have routine investigations close to home and the system can also be taken on home visits to people with mobility problems, such as elderly.

Henna Tuinfort from Almere is the first GP in the Netherlands to use the system in her practice: "I can now go one step further in investigating symptoms. This allows me to give better advice and often reassure patients, but also to make more targeted referrals when necessary. In addition, the feedback I have received from my patients is that they are pleased they can now have an ultrasound examination quickly, close to home, at their own GP’s office should they require one."

The quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of ultrasound technology have increased considerably in recent years. As a result, ultrasounds are performed more frequently and in more locations, including outside of the hospital. The number of GPs wanting to use ultrasound technology in their own practice is also on the rise now that they play an increasingly prominent role as primary care providers. Philips and MSN are responding to this need by introducing the VISIQ.

The VISIQ combines the rapid developments in the field of miniaturization, chip technology and computing power with the 30 years of experience that Philips possesses in ultrasound technology. The handheld ultrasound system is able to take very high-quality images for a very accessible price.  While conventional systems are anything but compact, the VISIQ system consists simply of a tablet and a transducer.  The system is operated in the same way as a smartphone or normal tablet via the touchscreen.  The VISIQ features a secure wireless connection as standard for the purpose of sending scans so that they can be saved and shared with other caregivers, for example the specialist at the hospital. 

"More and more GPs want to use medical imaging in their practices in order to increase the quality and efficiency of their care at a time when the demand for care is rising sharply. We need to look at how each and every patient can be provided with targeted and good care, now and in the future," says Henk Valk, General Manager of Philips Healthcare Benelux. "The VISIQ represents a milestone in making high-quality medical diagnostics accessible and a new step for us in our ambition to be involved in the overall chain of care with our healthcare solutions."

At the end of last year, Philips and MSN signed a partnership agreement for the supply and maintenance of a wide range of ultrasound equipment to GPs' offices. In order to assist family physicians in using ultrasound in their own practices, Philips and MSN are working together with Heelmeesters Echografie Academie, an organization made up of radiologists who are specialized in providing ultrasound training to fellow doctors. 

See for more information https://www.medischservice.nl/visiq

Utrecht, March 03, 2015

On average, patients require 30% fewer treatment days if hospitals follow the TOP (Transmural on Path) wound care program by Mediq CombiCare*. Close collaboration between hospital health care professionals and homecare organizations leads to patients with complex wounds healing sooner. Furthermore, up to 30% are saved on the costs of wound care material. Last evening, the IJsselland Hospital in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands, opened a specialist wound center based on the TOP method.

Intensive care nursing specialist, Karin Timm from the outpatient dermatology clinic at the IJsselland Hospital, has already been working with the TOP wound care program for a number of years. "TOP is clear for all care professionals involved when a patient makes the transition from hospital care to homecare, or when a patient receiving homecare is referred to the outpatient clinic. TOP uses a clear transmural treatment protocol and care pathway. The care pathway describes the patient’s treatment from start to finish, while the patient receives unambiguous information and consistent quality of care throughout all phases of care. This allows us to transfer patients over to homecare with confidence. The opening of the TOP-based specialist wound center will help improve care further still for patients with complex wounds." 
This wound care is complex. Transferring a patient who has a complex wound, such as an open leg wound, from hospital care to homecare requires carefully coordinated protocols. With the TOP wound care program, which is a Mediq CombiCare initiative, continuity and quality of wound care under the direction of the patient’s physician or nursing specialist is guaranteed. Clear agreements and close cooperation between the hospital and homecare, a list of medical aids and the education of the care professionals involved lead to verifiable improvement of the treatment of complex wounds.

Mediq CombiCare forms part of Mediq, working together with care professionals internationally to improve initiatives and efficiency within the care sector. TOP is one of these initiatives and making a real difference. The reaction from healthcare professionals has been unsurprisingly positive. 

Eric Geurts, managing director at Mediq CombiCare: "The patient is central to the TOP scheme. He or she is guaranteed continuity of care, no longer needs to visit the hospital for every treatment and recovers more quickly. In addition, thanks to TOP, the cost of both materials and treatment falls."
Mediq CombiCare is the market leader in stoma, continence and wound care materials and has been in partnerships with hospitals and healthcare professionals for over 15 years.
*Management data from Mediq CombiCare shows that a transmural approach to wound care can lead to a 30% reduction in treatment days, as well as a saving of 30% on wound care materials. Savings are even more significant if the cost for treating wounds is also taken into account. 

Utrecht, January 20, 2015

Mediq Danmark has acquired part of the C. Maersk Andersen company that specializes in supplying medical devices to GPs. Mediq Danmark already services GPs and strengthens its leading position as a supplier in the Danish market. C. Maersk Andersen will continue its exclusive orthopedic distributorship. 

C. Maersk Andersen offers a broad range of medical devices to primarily GPs, though also to specialists, hospitals and municipalities. The range comprises all supplies required by healthcare professionals, from bandages and disinfectant products to stethoscopes and other diagnostic instruments. All activities will continue as before under Mediq.

Joergen Kelkjaer, Executive Vice President of Nordics and Baltics Mediq, explains, “C. Maersk Anders’s services to doctors and municipalities fit in seamlessly with our growth ambitions. By combining our companies, we can meet our customers’ needs even better. Mediq works together closely with healthcare professionals on devising solutions that increase efficiency and keep healthcare affordable.”

In addition to GPs, specialists, hospitals and municipalities, Mediq Danmark also provides medical supplies to other care institutions. Additionally, Mediq Danmark supplies medical devices to patients at home for use in the fields of diabetes, wound care, incontinence, ostomy and medical nutrition. Internationally, Mediq serves GPs in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Finland and Baltic States. 

Both parties have agreed not to disclose the financial details of the transaction.

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