• A rich history

    From a Dutch local to an international healthcare company.

Mediq began in 1899 as the Onderlinge Pharmaceutische Groothandel (OPG) - a buying cooperative established by ninety-one pharmacists.

The group of pharmacists has the desire to purchase and check raw materials and medicines together. This not only gives more control over the quality of medicines, but it also gives the wholesale power to enforce binding commitments in terms of quality and recipe. The cooperative is growing steadily. Aside from the headquarter in Utrecht, new locations are opened in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Haarlem and The Hague.

OPG wants to move forward and that leads to listing on the Amsterdam stock exchange in 1992. The share ‘OPG’ opens on 29 October 1992 with fl. 30.20. In 2001, after hundred years of cooperation, the OPG reforms into a ' normal' enterprise under the name OPG Groep N.V. One of the pillars of the new strategy of OPG is purchasing pharmacies with the goal to establish a chain of pharmacies under one brand name: Mediq Pharmacy. A brand that stands for expertise and reliability and with the patient at the center of its activities. 

The first Mediq pharmacy opened in Rotterdam Ommoord in 2005. This pharmacy forms the basis for a national rollout to over200 owned pharmacies and approximately 300 independent partner pharmacies.

OPG also began with the purchase and sale of medical devices to homes and to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, by acquiring the German DiaReal and the Swiss Absorin Schweiz. Home treatments and care save our patients a hospital visit. That is appreciated. Many of our patients are rather at home than in the hospital. Our service to health care institutions goes beyond delivering medical devices. We enable healthcare professionals to improve cost effectiveness and efficiency with logistical and administrative solutions. It was the start of international growth. 

By 2009, a new era called for a new name. Combining the strengths and cultures of all the individual companies it incorporated, Mediq became a respected brand name in the healthcare sector.

In order to ensure continued growth in the field of deliveries to patients at home and healthcare professionals, additional funding was needed. This leads in 2013 to the takeover by the private equity firm Advent and is the end of Mediq’s stock exchange era. Mediq is ready for a new step in the complex healthcare market. Today Mediq is a major player in global healthcare and now active in 13 countries.

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