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    Our story is about more than only us. It is about the millions of people who deserve to live their lives to their full potential. The mums and dads. The sisters and brothers. The young lovers and old friends. The grandparents and new born babies. They all have one thing in common: they have been diagnosed with a chronic or serious illness.

At Mediq our mission is clear.

It is to create connections to help patients live higher quality lives no matter what their health challenges. To work with healthcare professionals, care facilities and GPs to guarantee patients have the daily care and services they require, at home or in hospital. To ensure that they can live as independently as possible. That they can spend more quality time with their loved ones. And that they feel secure knowing we are by their side.

Providing continuous empowerment, continuous support and continuous care.

To help those with a chronic or serious health issue, we create connections along the entire value chain. We bring together the health specialists and services that can provide patients with greater autonomy and care, meaning everyone’s connected and no one’s overlooked. We connect to a patient’s GP and payor, to their hospital and community. 

For the hospitals, GPs and other healthcare professionals, this means less time spent on peripheral issues. Or a greater focus on what really matters: patient care. 

For patients, this means their daily needs are always taken care of. From medical devices and supplementary care to education and 24-hour support. 

For someone with a chronic condition such as diabetes, this means treatment at home not in a care facility. Or greater flexibility and freedom. 

For someone with a more complex, time-intensive illness, this means the best home care available. Or familiar surroundings and dignity.

We are constantly expanding our circle of care, making new connections, developing new treatments and new e-health technologies. Evolving so we can meet the needs of our patients and everyone who cares for them. 

Not just for today, but into the future.

Download our full story as PDF. 

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